Sunday, January 16, 2011

Online Paid Surveys Hot Tips

Online paid surveys have been around for sometime already. In fact, it is the preferred income source of work at home mothers, students and retirees who have some time to spare. This group of folks used to dominate the paid survey market. However, as more people realized how easy it is to earn from this free internet paid surveys, people are flocking to survey companies to participate in this lucrative income opportunity. Well, it can be daunting if you do not know enough about the in and out. So here are some helpful tips for you on online paid surveys.

Online Paid Surveys Tip 1 - Survey Profiles

Before you start to take any survey, market research companies would be keen on knowing a little more about you. You see, they are paid by client companies, such as merchandisers, service providers to research the market, which means finding out about the needs of consumers and what they are looking for in their merchandise. They would not just survey anyone on the street, but survey only targeted audience relevant to their client merchandise or service. Normally, each market research company would have a profile section. Once you register, remember to update the survey profile. There would be many boxes to check such as interests, hobbies, products you use, etc. The trick here is to tick as many as possible but be honest. This increases the chance of you qualifying for more surveys.

Online Paid Surveys Tip 2 - Auto-Fill Software

Make good use of auto-fill software such as RoboForm or Mozilla Firefox browser with built-in feature. Now, these software are able to auto-populate forms with preset details such as your name, email, preferred login or userid and password. Such tools are extremely handy when registering with the companies. They save you the time and trouble of having to repeatedly copy and paste your details.

Online Paid Surveys Tip 3 - Survey Companies

Sign up for as many survey companies as possible. This increases your exposure and you would have many more surveys to take. Hanging around one or two survey companies is not going to bring in enough income for you. The hint here is to be registered with numerous survey companies. Go for hundreds if you can to ensure an endless stream of online surveys. At the same time, when you are still new, the market research companies may not offer you the highest paying surveys. In a certain way, you need to earn the trust of the survey companies by showing a good track record. Initially, you may have to go for the low paying surveys, and even participate for credits. Once you have established yourself as a committed and responsive survey participant, the higher paying surveys would be offered to you.

Online paid surveys are lucrative if you are willing to be disciplined in setting aside at least a little time for this opportunity such as one or two hours per day. It is also important that you are registered with the right companies, that is, market research companies that have a host of clients and hence many surveys.

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