Friday, January 14, 2011

Creating Your First Website and Getting Noticed on the Web

Creating a website and getting noticed in the digital world, what we call the internet, is no easy task. It's a little bit like riding a bike - you fall off a few times but as time goes on you get better at it.

At first I thought you had to know HTML or PHP coding to create your own website but that is not the case now days. There is a plethora of sites out there where you can create a website with next to no knowledge of coding at all. Also with the arrival of blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger just to name two, getting on the web has become easier and faster. It's now at the point where you no longer need to buy domain names or set up hosting. The days of paying $3,000 are over and are now a thing of the past. I can have a website up and running in 5min max using WordPress or Blogger it is just that quick.

Getting noticed on the web is now so easy with social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook. There are people right now who have videos of themselves doing some sort of rubbish and getting 1,000,000 hits. There are also Facebook groups called something silly like "stop people from eating dogs " in some county and they have hundreds of thousands of people joining their group. So getting noticed on the internet is not all that hard.

There are many other places to get noticed on the web, I have only said two but there are literally hundreds of other ways you know like twitter hint hint.

A great way to get some good targeted free traffic is from using Google AdWords of Facebook ads. But I hear you say "advertising on Google and Facebook is not free" well I beg to differ. On a lot of these big networks they always have promotions to attract new customers for example I got sent a $75 AdWords coupon in the post. I can find these sorts of promotions on the internet all day long you just need to be creative with what search terms you type into Google.

So take the plunge create a website and get on some social networks and promote yourself. Your first website does not need to be perfect. Trust me you will be so proud of yourself and you will get a buzz out of it.

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