Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Network Marketing Strategies For 2008 - 5 Proven And Tested Steps Of "The Spider Web Effect"

Ask yourself, is signing someone up at the supreme super duper level building your network marketing business? Is making a list of every friend and family member you have building your network marketing business? How about, taking your new recruits to some out of the way meeting is this building your network marketing business?

We both know the answer is...NO!

Unfortunately, many of us are told by our "upline" support these are the ONLY ways to be successful in network marketing. Well, I'm here to tell you that's a load of bull!

The truth of the matter is; building your network marketing business should look like a spider web. You don't believe me? Want more proof? Keep on reading.

In my opinion, to build your network marketing business; your MLM company or upline group should provide a dupilcable system to help you gain success. If not, it is absolutely imperative that you create a duplicable system for yourself and for your future downline to pass on to their prospects and so on and so on.

(Hint: "the spider web effect starts with YOU!" )

Okay, let's take a look at the 5 proven and tested steps you need to help you start building your network marketing business...aka "the spider web".

1. Remember, real targeted lead generation is essential. People are always looking for people to partner with to build a business. Your website should have one main objective; capture contact information. This gives your visitors the option to sign up or leave. Your real targeted lead generating system will bring leaders who are readers. These are the people who are committed to building a business; no matter what. Therefore, the pdf or ebook you offer MUST have value. Value that is logical, realistic, educational and compelling for your online visitors.

Only talk to people who have dreams, goals and desires to be successful. You should never have to convince anyone to build a network marketing business. This is something they want to do even if your paths had never crossed. These are the people you want to build your network marketing business with into the future. These are the people you

want to target!

Working with "real targeted leads" is what makes building your network marketing business fun. And most importantly; together you are building a network marketing business that erupts with massive duplication creating results of success for all.

2. Follow up with people. Communication is key! Automated follow up is a wonderful invention; don't you agree? There is nothing like a professionally written automated follow up email system that enables you to build a relationship with a prospect. Great ad copy can answer questions or reveal a problem/solution a prospect could be having building a network marketing business. Your automated follow system creates a trust many people in the industry are seeking. Your follow up can also; get people to really start thinking about achieving their own success. They come to realize, they have found a leader that is truly here to help them succeed and if he or she can do it; so can I.

3. You may want to say this out loud; "if you build it once, if you build it right, it will be with you forever." What am I talking about,relationships. Your network marketing business is a relationship business. One-on-one sponsoring and training is extremely important for business success. People must know that you care. If possible, get your people on live daily training calls. Calls that have interaction for all who dial in on any given night. There is nothing worst than a call that has a host and/or a guest who do all the talking about how great the company product or service is and what it was like back in the day before they made their millions. That's NOT training! That's listening!

I'm talking about training that has a question and answer period. Giving you real practical, useful and cost effective information for your network marketing business. Training that doesn't care how long you have been in network marketing or doesn't make you feel like an idiot when you ask a question. Training that doesn't care what level you came in at as long as you get the support you need to succeed. That's what training is all about!.

4. Absolutely the lifeblood of your business is teaching, training, coaching & mentoring new people on how to do network marketing. Providing a step-by-step action plan helps people gain success.Don't waste your time studying about the super duper elixir drink, where the ingredients are scraped off the rock by blind leprechauns every other full moon. Don't study the ingredients. Study people. People will build your business. Learn to listen to people and you will own your business and you will own your life.

5. When I'm your sponsor, I'm your sponsor for life. Because I take YOUR success personally. My mentor told me, "Only sponsor people that you'd want to go on a 1-month cruise with."

If I'm your sponsor, that is the way it is. You & I will be in business together for the rest of our lives. Wow! How important is that? Don't just sponsor somebody who can fog a mirror. ONLY sponsor people who you really want to build a business with.

To be long-term successful, you MUST have a "Network Marketing Strategy" for your opportunity. I love ours because it offers total training in the skills of working with people, so that you get better and better... and your people can plug into exactly the same system, making it far easier for you to help them as you gain more and more experience.

Like I said before; the spider web effect starts with you!

Bea Ryals is a member of the Success Team Builders. A team dedicated to "Teaching People To Be A Mentor With A Servant's Heart."

We'll train you to build BIG in Network Marketing, with ANY MLM company. We'll train ALL your people. We'll do it all FREE!

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