Saturday, January 15, 2011

Extreme Life Style Design - Making "Automated" Internet Income

Nowadays people lament about lack of job security - and I can understand that - but on the flip side, it's EASY to make passive income on the Internet (if you do it right). In this article, I explore the mind shift from trading time for money, to trading ideas for money - and some starting points to making passive income off the Internet.

Go Ahead And Build A "Side Business"

I love the fact that anyone with $20 to their name can start making money off the Internet. For $10 a month, you can get a web host and have your web site on the Internet live and ready. (Hint: This is where you promote something for a commission - whether your site is about cooking, or eBay...)

I suggest you put in 1 hour a day into Affiliate Marketing - learn how to set up web sites. Learn how to market it. Eventually you'll make a nice passive $XXX per month off your website.

Do It - Don't Procrastinate

Self doubt and fear holds back a lot of people. I don't think people are lazy per se - just doubtful if it "works". That's why I recommend beginner marketers to set aside a measly 60 minutes per day on their side business (skip the TV shows - you can always watch the re-runs of American Idol later)

Trade Ideas Instead of Time For Money

By ideas, I mean SELL something. Set up a website recommending people some stuff and have a solid source of visitors to your web site - it could be a viral YouTube video, or a blog post. Stop trading time for money - your time is limited. Whatever you model of generating revenue is, I hope you start today and build your "side business".

How I make $500 a month using YouTube - check out the case study at (Easy and do-able by anyone...)


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