Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Make Money While Others Are Being Sent Home From Work

I get asked this question often and many times with a hint of anger in the questioner. It seems people think I should feel guilty for making a good living while those about me (I live in a mill town) are being sent home from work more and more often these days. Is a plant closure not far off?

Here's how to keep above water with a small dog paddle while others are trying mightily to swim with the heavy cement blocks of debt and uncertainty around their necks.

You can make money by building an online store for almost anything you love to do or think might be "hot" at the moment. You can build massive empires with a mouse click and some keystrokes. What a way to generate income from home!

Pay Per Click campaigns can turn your $100 into $10,000 in a week once you know how to do it and what to watch for.
Companies like will give you all the help you need to sell anything you want. Affiliate programs are free to join, they offer unlimited potential and allow you to earn an income as you learn and grow.
How to get paid safely? PayPal, ClickBank and Shopping are all ready, willing and eager to help you, mostly at no charge.
You can make a fortune just on Pay Per Lead sites.

Best of all, everything I've mentioned here can be done from a laptop from anywhere in the world. Truly, what you are building here is a portable empire. Explain that to the folks that just got sent home from work or just lost their job.

I know the frustration and the fear. How can anyone make money with a simple keyboard and internet access? It certainly seems impossible, some might even suspect something illegal. It is possible, there is nothing illegal and, doing what I do as described in this article, you too will succeed.

Many times for some reason, doubt can creep in. Try to remember that you are not a common person. Most folks can't even be bothered to try. You are questioning, thinking, doubting and thinking some more.

You have set your little boat of life to go free on the River of Gold, the World Wide Web. Go with the flow and the rewards will be immense.

Making money online is a mystery until you've done it a bit. Here's my advice. This is what I did.

Start by getting well informed. The internet is full of places that offer a great deal of free information.
For the Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead businesses, go to Google and download their free library of PDF titles and training videos.
For learning what affiliate programs are all about and the best web hosting anywhere, go to Site Build. They have an absolutely massive library and it also is free.
Then, start experimenting. Try things, track how they are going. What pays and what doesn't?

My best advice is not to accept advice from those around you. Someone who doesn't work online cannot advise about the internet. I'm sure they all mean well, but stay with people who are doing what you are doing. Not sure about something? Join forums on the topic of interest to you. The internet is full of them.

Can you see how doing it this way will show you how you will make money while others are being sent home, some of them for good?

Go ahead, do what I just suggested. Prosper and live long!

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